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October 23, 2019


 Get you adrenaline kick with these adventure sports!

We love seeing our GlideSoul girls diving into new experiences and giving different watersports a go.

This week we're leaving the well-known beaten track and we're exploring some of the more adventurous watersports.  We will start with AndreaDominguez,a professional Colombian pilot of aqua motorbikes— who is keen to share her story and tips for getting started.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself:
A: My name is Andrea Dominguez. I'm a professional Colombian pilot of aqua motorbikes with 16 years of athletic race experience under my belt. Currently I'm an official Aquabikepilot, multiple National champion, two-time South American champion and received 3rd place in the Women's World Championships

Q: What are your favourite GlideSoul products for Aqua Motorbiking?
A: The reverse impact vests, hands down.
I absolutely love these products because they are so useful to me for all of my competitions. Their versatility and protection are of the highest quality and their designs are completely unique and out of this world.

Q: What are your recommendations for women who want to try Aqua Motorbikes? 
A: I believe we should love and respect the sea. I've learned over time that aquatic sports should definitely be inspiring and an addiction, but a healthy one.

I believe we should understand what we are up against, yet at the same time uphold but not fear the wildlife, waves and extreme speeds that come with the process.

As aqua athletes, we should always hold our regulations in the highest regard and respect them. However, we should always, and I mean ALWAYS, trust ourselves as part of the sea we are teaming with and accelerate with the heart that we hold and are introduced to compete with.

Q. Where do you recommend our GlideSoul girls learn to race Aqua Motorbikes?
A: Unfortunately, there aren’t any schools where they teach you how to race an aqua bike, you have to find an experienced trainer. Today I am one of these trainers thanks to the many years that I have practised this sport. I have taught young children through to adults and would be very happy to teach anyone who wants to learn about this sport, but most of all I love to have fun with what I do.

Thank you Andrea!!!