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Fit guide

Find your perfect fit

To make sure your GlideSoul waterwear looks great, fits you like a glove and offers
the best support out on the water, it’s important you take accurate measurements
and order the right size.

Top tips on how to take accurate measurements to find your size:

  1. Use a tape measure to measure yourself, or ask someone else for help.
  2. Use a mirror or ask a friend for help to ensure the tape stays level as you wrap it around your back and doesn’t twist.
  3. To achieve the most accurate measurements, we recommend taking your measurements whilst you’re in swimwear or underwear, so your measurements aren’t distorted by additional clothing.
  4. Hold the tape securely and ensure it’s pulled snug around the area you’re measuring, but don’t pull so tight that it’s uncomfortable.
  5. Take a couple of measurements of each area to make sure that your readings are consistent

How to measure your...

BUST: Wrap the tape over the fullest area of your bust, and straight around your back. Make sure the tape is snug but don’t pull it too tight.

UNDERBUST: Wrap the tape directly under your bust and straight around your back. Ensure it’s level and parallel with the floor, even at the back.

WAIST: With your feet together, wrap the tape around your waist — this is the soft, fleshy point just above your hip bone and below your rib cage and tends to be the narrowest part of your torso. Breathe normally and take your measurement after your exhale.

HIPS: With your feet together, wrap the tape across the widest part of your hips and then around your butt. You might need to move the tape up or down an inch or two to find the widest point. Once you have your measurements, refer to our sizing guide below to confirm your best fit:

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