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March 17, 2020

Featuring an ultra-modern colour palette, state-of-the-art neoprene technology and flattering designer cuts, you'll be sure to make a statement in this head-turning collection that places a sexy and contemporary twist on the traditional floral classic.

Why we think you’ll love it:
BLOOM by GlideSoul allows you to express your individuality and vibrancy with bright and exotic botanical prints that redefine "floral". Forget pale, pastel colours and out-dated designs, this waterwear is current, sassy and a little bit abstract, creating a visual effect more akin to a piece of modern art.

The inspiration behind BLOOM:
Inspired by Spring and new awakenings, we wanted to play with bold prints, and create something a bit different from the other collections we have at GlideSoul.
We’re taking the catwalk to the water, turning the revival of floral prints in high fashion on its head. In true GlideSoul spirit, BLOOM is about pushing boundaries and finding that sweet spot between feminine and edgy. We’ve opted for a bold colour palette of hot pinks, bright blues and purples which contrast and stand out against our signature dark background.

Discover the collection:
All products in the BLOOM collection have been carefully crafted by women, for women, so you can be confident that your waterwear will fit your body’s curves and create a flattering, feminine silhouette.
Featuring trendy designer cuts and the latest in neoprene technology, BLOOM collection has something for everyone: from high-performance wetsuits to shorts and rash guards to sexy high rise bikinis — you’ll find a style that makes you feel fabulous.

Better for the planet:
Products in BLOOM collection feature Aqua Glue, an environmentally-friendly alternative used to bind stitches in wetsuits. It’s an innovative, new-generation & water-based product with no nasty chemicals - making it better for you, and better for the planet too!

In Reverse:
The new BLOOM collection also includes an exclusive line of fully reversible waterwear, from shorts to vests and even reversible springsuits — a fashion-statement unique to GlideSoul! 

BLOOM flagship products:
Browse through some of our favourite BLOOM products below
  • Full wetsuit
  • Spring suit
  • High-neck one-piece
  • Shortie