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October 22, 2019

Have you ever dreamt to jump over the clouds???

Ranja definitely experienced this feeling!

We're passionate about inspiring GlideSoul girls to dive into new experiences; Try  kite surfing this summer!

Adventurous, daring and brave, Ranja always amazes us with her new achievements and trips. Ranja shared her stories and tips for getting started.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself:

A: I am Ranja Schlotte from Germany and I am a passionate Kitesurfer, Freeskier and Climber. I have been 8 times on the podium and I am supported by 9 brands.

I love wave kitesurfing, surfing and freestyle kitesurfing as well as deep line skiing and freestyle skiing. And I do believe in pushing the limits to reach new goals. Whether it is for beeing successful in sports or in business. 

Q. What are your favourite GlideSoul products for kitesurfing?
I love the 5mm full wetsuit with front zip, when I kitesurf at my homespots back in germany or at the dutch coast. It keeps me warm, looks beautiful with the bright colours and the zip position is harness wearing friendly.

 The 2mm Spring suit with front zipper is the perfect wetsuit for freestyle training and reef break riding in warmer places. The legs have the perfect size for a good look and still protect the skin during heavy crashes.

 In caribean climate spots I always take the spring suit 0.5 mm front zipper. Not too hot, not too cold. Sun protection and very flexible. 

 Q. What are your recommendations for girls who have never tried kitesurfing before? 

A: Look up which spot have their windseason during your availability, and connect yourself with a kiteschool at the spot. Better spend some more money and learn it properly than doing tabula rasa. Get yourself your own first kite and keep on training.

 Q: What are your two favourite spots to start kitesurfing?

A:  I love the german island Sylt and the Kiteschool I love Kitesurf Sylt from Dirk Effler. My second favorite spot is the Autostrand Oostvoorne and the Kiteschool Learn Kiteboarding Now from Tim Neumann.

 Thank you, Ranja!!!