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October 24, 2019

Looking for your next adventure?
This week, as it's International Women's Day, we're leaving the well-known beaten track and we're exploring some of the more adventurous watersports with our incredible and independent GlideSoul Girls. Martina completely changed her World and her story is the biggest inspiration for us.

Ready to change your World...? Read Martina's Q&As below:

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself:

A: Hi! I’m Martina and I’m a 40-year-old absolutely happy Mummy of two kids and I love to Jetsurf!
I worked my whole life as a Marketing Manager of shopping centres – it was an exciting job with a good salary, I was meeting celebrities and had loads of promotion opportunities. But then I tried JetSurfing... the feeling of freedom, the wind in your hair, the power of the engine, being able to stroke the surface of the water... I totally fell in love! Motorized surf is a new sport which combines surfing, motorsports and recreational fun, absolutely changed my life!

Now I’m running a Jetsurf Academy in the Czech Republic, teaching new people how to surf... now, every little thing in my life is connected and gives good vibrations: running Jetsurf Academy, spending time with my kids by the water, travelling & racing all around the world whilst wearing the most colourful, beautiful and functional waterwear that I know!!!

Q. What are your favourite GlideSoul Products for jetsurfing?
1) I love long sleeve bodies and one-piece bathing suits from all the GlideSoul collections, because they are very comfortable for jetsurf riding.
2) And of course also the life vests - safety first!

Q. What are your recommendations for women who have never tried jetsurfing before? 
1) Don't take it too seriously, every sport needs to be fun at the same time!
2) Ride with fluent gas and stand up slowly.
3) Enjoy every moment of the ride, touch the water and feel the wind in your hair!

Q. What are the two best spots/schools you suggest for learning to jetsurf?
1) Czech Republic - Jetsurf Academy Valtice 
2) Thailand / Koh Samui - Jetsurf Trip

Thank you, Martina!!!