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April 23, 2020

It's no secret... at GlideSoul, we love a reversible print. 💕
Why do we go to the effort of making our suits reversible, we hear you ask? Four simple reasons.

Reason 1

Options! With our reversible waterwear, you can mix things up to suit your mood. A bold print on days you're feelingyourself 🦚 and a muted option for days you'd rather blend in 🐟.

Reason 2

Functionality! With two unique designs in one, you'll need fewer pieces in your closet, reducing your carbon footprint.

Reason 3

Ecology! Lower your carbon footprint by getting two designs in one product! Our reversible products have been intentionally produced toprovide better value-for-money, alongside a more environmentally friendly alternative that uses less neoprene and requires less factoryproduction than producing two separate items.

Reason 4

Cost! We all love to own beautiful things, and with our GlideSould reversible prints, you get two gorgeous pieces for the price of one!

In fact, the question shouldn't be why we use reversible prints. It should be why isn't everyone else?!

Introducing fully-reversible waterwear:

The BLOOM reversible range, which includes our high-tech, neoprene suits, are wearable on both sides to let you mix things up to matchyour mood.
One side refuses to hold back: featuring fun, colourful and flashy designs that are sure to turn heads when you’re out in the surf.
The reverse is a little more subtle, but oh-so-sophisticated, with restrained blocks of colour which beautifully frame your figure.
All products in BLOOM’s reversible range are all created with GlideSoul’s signature performance and quality guarantee.