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October 20, 2019

Exotic, colourful & bold flower forms blossom in

GlideSoul’s new BLOOM collection.

As feminine floral prints feature in today's spotlight as the new fashion classic, women’s waterwear brand, GlideSoul, have produced a unique and bold interpretation of the trend where exotic, large & colourful flower forms blossom from a dark background.

A new twist on an old classic:

From couture brands to the high street shops, floral designs can be seen embedded in all major collections. Decidedly feminine, floral is a theme chosen to accentuate softness, fragility and a feminine touch.

While GlideSoul’s BLOOM collection acknowledges and celebrates this timeless trend, it does so while simultaneously embracing the pace, intensity and technology of the modern world.

Featuring a futuristic colour palette, state-of-the-art neoprene technology and trendy designer cuts, the BLOOM collection creates a visual effect more akin to a piece of abstract art than your Grandma’s floral watercolours or retro wallpaper, making it the leading product line in women’s fashion sport clothing.

Introducing fully reversible spring suits — 2 designs in one product:

Products featured in the new BLOOM collection include fully reversible waterwear, including reversible spring suits; a fashion-statement unique to the GlideSoul.

These high-tech, neoprene suits are wearable on both sides. One side refuses to hold back and features fun, colourful and flashy designs that are sure to turn heads. The other (featured in the images) is a little more subtle, featuring GlideSoul's signature dark background from which bright floral forms blossom. These reversible products offer women variety and choice of different designs to sport, all in the same suit, so their waterwear can reflect their mood that day.

Let your inner GlideSoul Girl BLOOM:

Whether or not you're out riding waves this Spring, you'll be sure to make a statement in this head-turning collection.

BLOOM by GlideSoul allows you to express your individuality and vibrancy with bright and exotic botanical prints that redefine "floral". Modern, sassy and a little bit abstract, you can say goodbye to Grandma's wallpaper... and say hello to your inner GlideSoul Girl.

A new generation of waterwear:

GlideSoul have been making waves since their UK launch in 2016.

Created by a team of passionate women who wanted to bring fashion to the shore from the store, GlideSoul designs are unapologetically bold and unashamedly bright; letting active women leave their boring black wetsuits behind and instead feel body confident in colourful waterwear that’s as vibrant and individual as they are.

For PR enquiries please contact:

Email: alena@glidesoul.com or marketing@glidesoul.com

Tel: +44 20 32877341

Website: glidesoul.com

Instagram: @GlideSoul

Facebook: Facebook.com/GlideSoul