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October 19, 2019

Break free of the gym and onto the water with Gabrielle!

We're passionate about inspiring GlideSoul girls to dive into new experiences; Try  wakeboarding this season!

This week we're featuring our GlideSoul  Girl,  Gabrielle, a pro wakesurfer from Canada, who brought a unique and feminine style of riding in wakesurfing . She is keen to share her stories and tips for getting started.
You can read Gabrielle's interview below!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself:

A: I am 29, a professional surf style wakesurfer, and a backcountry snowmobiler, I live in Cranbrook, BC Canada.

Q. What are your favourite GlideSoul products for wakesurfing?
My three favorite products from GlideSoul are the Springsuit with front zip in bikini cut, 3mm full wetsuit with chest zip, and the reversible impact vest. For wakesurfing in Canada these products are amazing because the majority of the season the water temperatures are cold and a full 3mm wetsuit is what I wear the majority of the season. I love the bright colors and patterns of these suits. Once mid summer hits I love wearing the springsuit with front zip in the bikini cut as I don't have to worry about crashing and losing my bottoms and it gives you a little extra warmth to ride longer! It is the most comfortable wetsuit I have ever worn! The impact vests are so great as they are designed for a girl's body perfectly making them more flattering and comfortable for the ladies and I love that they are reversible giving you two vest styles in one!

Q. What are your recommendations for girls who have never tried wakesurfing before? 

A: The number one thing when trying wakesurfing for the first time is to relax and have fun. Wakesurfing is a low impact sport and can be done by anyone at any age. Second Make sure you have a really bowen life jacket as this will make getting up easier. Once you have gotten up don't use the rope to pull yourself into the wave as this will cause you to lose balance. Instead think about standing in a relaxed position with bent knees and concentrate on small movements of putting more weight onto your front foot to gain speed to get closer to the boat/wave and more weight on your back foot to break and move back on the wave.

Q: What are your two favourite spots to start wakesurfing?

A: One of the most beautiful places to wakesurf in the world is Lake Koocanusa. Go see Caroline Villeneuve from H2O School at Sunshine Houseboats. She is the best!

Thank you, Gabrielle!!!