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October 28, 2019

Why not try Freediving with a side of Yoga!

We love seeing our GlideSoul girls diving into new experiences and giving different watersports a go.

This week, we're all about freediving and yoga!  
Sound like a strange combo? Our GlideSoul girl, read our interview with freediving and yoga instructor, Yanka Mira below as she explains how meditation and yoga can help you relax and start freediving safely.

Read Yanka's Q&A and check out her favourite waterwear below:

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself:

A: My name is Yanka Mira. I’m a freediving & yoga coach and photographer. After moving to Fuerteventura I fell in love with all water sport activities and I quickly realized I wanted to combine my passion with work, which led me to discover freediving.  

Since then I’ve spent most of my time underwater.

Teaching freediving became more than just a job. I love to share my experience and knowledge while inspiring people to discover and enjoy our underwater world. 

Q. What are your recommendations for women who have never tried freediving before? 
Freediving is not a dangerous sport if you follow the safety rules. Actually, freediving is probably one of the safest water sports: the only extreme side is relaxation, so meditation and yoga is helpful to start freediving.

1) The first rule is don’t ever freedive on your own! Always have someone with you on the surface watching you.

2) You don’t need to have any apnea experience (being able to hold your breath for extended periods); anyone who enjoys being in the water can start freediving, and you will be surprised how quickly your body and mind will adapt underwater.

3) I advise taking a course with a certified freediving instructor who will give you the basic tools to train safely, preventing you from making any serious mistakes.

Q. What are the two best spots/schools you suggest for learning to freedive?

1) We are organizing travel adventures for freedivers, surf explorers and yoga lovers. One of our stunning destinations and the mecca of freediving is Dahab. 

You’ll find excellent sea conditions, the warm waters and visibility make for ideal conditions to train and learn. The Blue Hole is a hot spot for freediving because of the depth directly accessible from the shore and the lack of current. And the Red Sea is full of underwater life. You can find out more here at amphibiansoul.com

2) The second destination is Fuerteventura. This is the perfect spot for beginners to start freediving, and one of the few destinations where you can freedive and surf within a close distance. The water is clear with great visibility, and it's also easily accessible from the shore with over 300 days of guaranteed sunshine. Check out www.magma-freediving.com for more info.