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October 27, 2019

We're passionate about inspiring GlideSoul girls to dive into new experiences; At a heart of Glidesou is our belief  that within all of us  the need and power to break free is truly possible.

This week we're featuring our GlideSoul Ambassador,  Camilla Michetti, Italian girl, who has dedicated her life to the ocean. She is keen to share her stories and tips for getting started.
Ready to be inspired...? Read Camilla's Q&As below:


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself:

A: My Name is Camilla and I come from Italy. I started surfing 10 years ago in Tuscany where I lived. Seven years ago I decided to move to Spain with my boyfriend to look for new waves and discover new place. We opened our SurfCamp: the Wolfhouse, a dreamers and family house 

Q. What are your favourite GlideSoul Products for surfing?


My favorite products are:

- the ”3mm full wetsuit chest zip”, it’s perfect to surf here in Spain from May to October. It’s super comfortable and elastic! It’s like a second skin!

I love the “chest zip” because the water do not enter from the back and I can stay warm during my sessions.

- the “2mm spring suit with front zip” is my favorite wetsuit for the holidays! The style is elegant and it’s perfect for the windy days or for the sunset session!

- the “spring suit with short sleeves” it’s perfect and it’s super fashion! I rather surfing with “one piece wetsuits” than a bikini. It’s more comfortable when you duck-dive 

Q. What are your recommendations for women who have never tried surfing before? 

Surf is amazing, the environment, the people, the feelings... Do you know what I most like about surfing? Childhood. When I go back to the water I’m always having the time of my life, naive and happy like a child.

Tips? Just relax end enjoy the ride!

Q. What are the two best spots/schools you suggest for learning to surf?

One of the best spot to start surfing in Europe is Somo, Santander (North Spain).

Playa de Somo y Loredo is a beach break with different peaks for all surf levels.

The waves are long and soft! It’s my favorite spot to dance with the longboard!

You can start surfing at the Wolfhouse, we have the beast surf teachers, we are close to the beach and you can breath the surf atmosphere 360 degrees!

... and my second dreamy destination is Chicama, Perù, the longest wave of the world! This wave seems made by a magical machine, it’s always building a perfect rideable wall in front of you... for miles! The fun staff is after surfing each wave you’ll have to walk back for 10-15 minutes seeing other surfers having the time of their life, so you’ll always ended up running 

Thank you, Camilla!!!