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October 15, 2019

Follow the wind and explore unexpected places with Maureen 

We're passionate about inspiring GlideSoul girls to dive into new experiences; to get out onto the water and give new watersports a try.

This week we're featuring our GlideSoul Ambassadors — Maureen— who is kitesurfing pro and is keen to share her stories and tips for getting started.
You can read Maureen's interview below!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself:
A: Hello, I’m Maureen Castelle. I’m a French kitesurfer and was lucky enough to live in a paradise called New Caledonia before moving to Brazil - yet another paradise! I’m ranked 6th on the freestyle world championship and I'm busy training again for the 2019 season! 

Q. What are your favourite GlideSoul products for kitesurfing?
A: I love training in warmer climates including here in Brazil. Every single time I'm on the water I wear one of my 3 GlideSoul spring suits. These suits are amazing and very adapt for kitesurfing. No matter how many tricks and manoeuvres I make, the spring suits don’t move (and they also offer good protection during the occasional crash). I can’t wait to see the new collection!

Q. What are your recommendations for girls who have never tried Kitesurfing before? 

There are so many ways to have fun Kitesurfing and I definitely recommend you give it a try! You can jump, speed, ride waves or just cross the water! (And it's a great way to stay active and tanned all year!) 

The best way to start kitesurfing is:

  1. Get yourself kitted out in a proper wetsuit or Springsuit so you're ready to rock the sport 
  2. Find somewhere with good conditions to learn. You can search for local academies or watersports parks that have programmes, or treat yourself to an active holiday somewhere you can take lessons with the right wind conditions.
  3. Don't be afraid to fail. Your first few lessons are going to be hard, but take things step by step and never give up. You'll get there! 

Q: What are your two favourite spots to start Kitesurfing?

  1. I invite you to visit me in Brazil! I work with the best kite-school in Taiba with the best conditions for beginners. It will be a pleasure to share and transmit my passion with you!
  2. Another of the best spots to start kitesurfing is Noumea in New Caledonia. It’s windy most of the time and you practice around turtles and fish!

Thank you, Maureen!!! You are our big inspiration!!!