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October 14, 2019

We're passionate about inspiring GlideSoul girls to dive into new experiences; to get out onto the water and give new watersports a try. 
This week we're featuring our GlideSoul Ambassador— Miriam Rasmussen — who is windsurfing pro and is keen to share her stories and tips for getting started.
You can read our interview with Miriam below!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself:
A: My name is Miriam Rasmussen. Due to a neck injury in my youth, I was prevented from doing physical activity for 10 years.  I started feeling better when I got to 30 and started exploring different activities I had always dreamed of trying. Two of them stuck - windsurfing in summer, and snowboarding in winter. I worked really hard to have all the fun I’ve missed out on from my injury, and before I knew it, I became a professional windsurfer, challenging for the speed world record!

Q. What are your favourite GlideSoul products for windsurfing?
A: I’m a big boned girl with athletic build, and hated all of my wetsuits  from the first years, as they made me look and feel bad on the beach. Then Glidesoul came along and changed my life for the better. With their exceptionally wide range of designs i could even choose suits that matched the rest of my gear in every detail. You can laugh of this, but it is my privilege to choose the way I think I look the best, and no one is going to tell me otherwise!
Glidesoul encourage me to choose myself, instead of forcing mens fashion ideals upon me.

Over the years I have accumulated a huge collection of Glidesoul suits.  I love them all, except the ones that shrinks in the closet during wintertime. These I hate ;) I love the variety of the design - full suits, spring suits, leggings, shorts, jackets, bathing suits and the bikinis. No matter if I’m too cold, too warm or just want sun protection, I can mix and match in seconds, to be perfectly dressed whilst windsurfing, tanning or swimming. 
Windsurfing in Norway, normally requires whole suits, and I tend to prefer the suit that matches the sail I’m using on that particular day. So the orange Vibrant stripes collection 3mm and the blue Flashback 74  3mm are the suits I use most.

When I’m sailing somewhere warmer, I love the 2019 Lycra collection - the Lycra suits feel so comfortable to the skin, and they look great too!

Q. What are your recommendations for girls who have never tried windsurfing before?
A: If you want to try windsurfing for the first time - be warned that there is a knack to it and it can be a tricky sport to learn. Don't let that put you off though, as you will have fun through all the stages of learning — nothing beats the feeling when you succeed after challenging yourself!

Tip 1: Get on the board, and jump into the water directly, hair and all! This way you won’t be afraid of falling in later, which will help your learning.
Tip 2: Always stand on the centre line of the board! If you don't, the board will tilt and you will fall in.
Tip 3: Bend your knees, and hold the mast near your shoulder.  This way you won’t be pulled out so quickly so you can learn sailing, not swimming :)

Q: What are your two favourite spots to start Windsurfing?
  1. My two favourite spots for safe and easy windsurfing are Hvide Sande in Denmark. You have a huge knee-deep area which is perfect for beginners. Instead of falling in, you just jump off and on the board. This will save you a lot of energy, so you can work on your skills, not on your 
  2. For somewhere warmer, I prefer Surf motion centre in Soma bay Egypt.  They have a shallow lagoon, and a great service level if you need help. I host my own windsurfing clinics at this spot!

I hope to see you in the water someday - windsurfing is as rewarding as it is challenging, and has not only become a part of my life - it IS my life!

Thank you Miriam!!! Keep on inspiring us and make our World better!