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November 07, 2019

10 Reasons Why Board Sports Will Help You to Be a Better You.

We are all passionate by the sports we love but for those of us who do board sports we have some special assets which contribute together to our increased overall happiness and we think that by reading these points you will agree...

1. We know the adrenaline rush feeling

People who do board sports know what is it to feel the adrenaline rush of going fast and feeling free while doing something fun.

There is no better feeling that being by yourself going down a virgin slope on a snowboard or being the first one to hit the cable when the water is still perfectly flat…

2. We are passionate people

Kitesurfer, wakeboarder, surfer, snowboarder, … we all have got something that we are passionate about… having a proper passion is a key ingredient in life which can give you so much pleasure whenever you need it. You don’t have to rely on anybody (maybe the conditions sometimes) and you can do it without anyone.

3. We share the stoke

Fellow riders are great people to spend times with… Why? Because they share the stoke and are usually just as happy about what they do in life. Theses people are able to switch off from the negative vibes that normal life can spread and they know how to block out their problems when they do the sport that makes them happy.

4. We always have a project in the pipeline

When you do board sports you always plan your life for new adventures… this means that you’ve always got new projects and new places to visit.

5. We are interesting people

When you ride it opens the doors to travelling more which in turn makes you a more interesting person. You always have a story to share and you have met so many different people that you don’t have any problem striking up a conversation with anyone.

6. We are motivated people

Riders are motivated people. I don’t know if it is because we do sports that challenge us but we always want to do new things and we do them the the full extent of our limitations. Being a person who rides make us always up for trying new stuff, always in for new adventures and people know that they can count on you. Building a giant piece of wood to slide on? Yeah I’m in!

7. We have wild eyes

Our eyes are wilder than others... We are mostly outside doing our thing and so we see things in a different way… we take care of nature and life and we appreciate all the beauty in it.

8. We are younger in body and mind

We look younger than our peers! We’ve got this wild child spirit that we bring with us everywhere we go and you although we might have more wrinkles on our face, they come from laughter and sunshine!

9. We are multi-talented people

Multi-talented people. We are morning people (when the conditions are good) and we make the most of our day. Means that we spend more time doing things and learning new skills everyday while the others get bored and tired quicker because as everyone knows… the more you do the more you want to do.

10. We are chilled people

Easy going and chilled people. Riders mostly like to hit the road to find the perfect spots, chasing waves, wind… they’re never afraid to change plans super quickly if the conditions look better 50 km away.

We don’t hesitate to come along for the ride so you can be sure that we will be there to join you if you are looking for some company.