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February 12, 2020

What is Wakeboarding?

Wakeboarding is a water sport in which the rider, standing on a wakeboard (a short board with foot bindings), is towed behind a motorboat across its wake and especially up off the crest in order to perform aerial maneuvers. The rider can ride as well at a wake or cable park . A wake park uses a set of overhead cables and carriers on a set “track” to pull you by a rope and handle around a body of water. A hallmark of wakeboarding is the attempted performance of midair tricks.
Where to go to start wakeboarding.

Where to go to start wakeboarding?

Ever you can go to a school with boats or you can go straight to your nearest cable park.

You can start on a 2.0 cable which make the learning easier as it allows to set up the speed and go step by step.
However if you go straight to a 5.0 or full system you will be able to start as well and most of the time trying first on a knee board until yo get used to the cable.

Main tricks and tips

Wakeboarding is a challenging sport at it asks you to be strong and motivated. However you can always start very easy, only by get use to the feeling of the board and the traction on the cable.

The tricks you will do behind a boat or at the cable will be a bit different… you will mainly do sliders and featured at the cable whereas you will attempt air tricks behi,g a boat.
All you need to keep in mind is to always keep the handle low and close to your hips to give a space for mistake and not face plan at the first error with the board.

How to choose the board?

A beginner wakeboards tend to have squared edges, which gives more control and stability, especially if you aren’t landing wakeboarding tricks just yet.

You need as well a wakeboard that is right for your height and weight…As a beginner, you’ll want to think about choosing a slightly bigger board as it will be slower and easier to learn on.
The bindings are as well very important. You need to make sure you pick a good pair of bindings. They want to be snug on your foot but not uncomfortable. You can read more about wakeboard bindings in our guide here.

What gear would you need?

You would need a board with bindings, a helmet, an impact vest and most of the time a wetsuit for the cold but most of all to protect you from impacts.

Now time to ask one of our ambassador wakeboarder and kiteboarder, Sofi Chevalier

GS: Hey there, please can you tell us how did you get into wakeboarding?

Sofi: Hey GlideSoul!

Well im at the origin I come from the kiteboarding scene but as the sporty evolved a lot this last few years and got into more freestyle move I started to get into wakeboarding as it is the perfect combination for practicing my tricks form kiteboarding.

GS: How do you combine your wakeboarding sessions and every day life / job / study?

Sofi: I do work for a huge kiteboarding company who allows me to go and ride when I feel the need.
So when I feel like my brain is burning and I can’t focus on work I just take my board and go for a ride at the cable!

GS: What are your favourite tricks and could you give us some tips to improve our wakeboarding skills?

Sofi: Well I do like air tricks even if I mainly wakeboard at the cable. I do like going on obstacles as well but I have more confidence with air move that I have been learning from kiteboarding.
My advice for every girls who would like to start wakeboarding is to go slowly, step by step, get confidence and try little move. First try on a small and flat obsctale to get use to the feeling and then after go bigger. But always take your time to avoid any kind of injury.

GS: What is your selection of GlideSoul products for wakeboarding?

Sofi: This is a hard question! Well of course I ride with their impact vestbut I always wear a wetsuit or spring suit to protect myself form scratches from the obstacle and from crashes!