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National Women In Sports Day

Give it up for “National Girl and Women in Sports Day”! 💪👧👩


We love supporting amazing women and girls who push the boundaries and defy expectations. So today, we’ll be sharing just a few of the best and bravest sports stars (let’s face it, there’s a lot of badass women out there)!
Be inspired by these trailblazers, then get out there and work toward your own goals. You got this!
💙 We’ll start with Whitney McClintock, 8 x World Champion Waterskier who currently lives in Florida. With over 30 professional titles under her belt, Whitney has been smashing her goals since turning pro at just 16 years old and holds a jaw-dropping 8 world records. Go, Whit!!!

💙 Next up is Michelle Salt, 2 x Paralympian Snowboarder who has overcome every hurdle that dared stand in her way. Following a motorcycle accident, Michelle concentrated on her recovery and went on to win 13 world cup medals! She now champions adaptive wakesurfing. This woman doesn’t let anything hold her back!

💙 Elisha Nelson has never let anyone tell her she “can’t”. As a congenital arm amputee, Elisha has faced more than her fair share of challenges, but has overcome the obstacles to become an AWSA Waterskier and A2 Slalom Skier all while being a mum and x-ray technician. You go girl!

💙 Miriam Rasmussen, a pro-windsurfing athlete who lives in Norway. Through out the COVID crisis in Norway, she volunteered to be a nurse to help people fighting with the epidemic. We can truly call her “fearless" and respect her act of becoming a care worker!

With so many women making waves in the world of watersports, what’s stopping you from joining them???