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December 24, 2019

    Having a passion is what makes us happy and what keeps us alive. It can be anything if this thing puts a smile on your face. As a result we have been thinking that we need to try to push more girls to get involved in this thing that we so enjoy doing?

    This thing is Water Sports and even if you think this is something you will never be able to do as it looks so unreachable, we are going to prove to you that you are wrong and you shouldn’t wait any longer to start your journey into world of water sports.

1. Water Sports will put you in contact with the elements

    What’s better than a weekend at the seaside? What’s better than having the wind in your hair, to feel the sand between you toes and the salt water on your skin?

    If you start wakeboarding, SUP, wakesurfing, surfing or kitesurfing you will always be outside, nourishing yourself with the elements and working with them to develop this amazing feeling of freedom.

2. Water Sports will give you the feeling of freedom

    Yes, water sports will give you the feeling of freedom. This will bring you to the sea, it will make you move from place to place surrounded by beautiful nature and you will feel so good as a result.

    It is one of the best ways to get rid of the stress that you have been keeping inside for too long and it will help you to release the pressure.

3. Water Sports will help you to feel good, strong and healthy

    Sport means exercising and it will make you feel good. You will work almost every single part of your body without being conscious of it. Focussing on some many things you won’t even realize that you are working out really hard.

4. Water Sports will make you meet people and you will build real friendships

    Water Sports are sports where you will need the support of others to be able to do it. So often it depends on others and every rider needs the support and motivation from their fellow riders.

    For example, If you want to launch your kite you will have to ask to somebody to help you; If you loose your board on the water while surfing, you can be pretty sure than someone will come and help you out; If you get in any kind of trouble you will always have someone looking out for you. More experienced riders can always share some advises or help with tips how to do a new trick. With this in mind you will always meet people, you will always have the opportunity to meet new friends and you will always want to share your experiences with the people who share the same passion as yours.

5. Water Sports will make you want to travel more

    You will want to travel more. Of course when you become aware of the number of wonderful spots around the world you will only think about keeping your money aside for your next surfing or kite trip. At the end you will be rich with beautiful life experiences and won’t waste your money on superficial and material stuff.

6. Water Sports will put you outside your comfort zone and will challenge you

    Considered as an extreme sport, surfing, wakeboarding, wake surfing or kite will ask you to challenge yourself and often to step out of your comfort zone. I know it sounds a bit scary but if you find the right people to support you and to help you to push yourself just a bit more that you would normally do, then you will feel so good with yourself and so grateful for having done it.

7. Water Sports will help you to become more independent and you will work on your autonomy skills

    As we said above, water sports require the support of other riders to help you out in certain kind of circumstances... but on the other hand it will help you to develop a sense of autonomy and will help you to become more independent. We are not implying that women are not independent but we all sometimes can be afraid to do things on our own or just try new stuff. The mere fact that we are alone facing the elements, water sports bring us a feeling of strength and will always push us to achieve more.

8. Water Sports will make you beautiful

    As we mentioned in our introduction, having a real passion is what makes us happy... and nothing says beautiful greater than a smile of true happiness. It will make you truly beautiful.

9. Water Sports will make you share wonderful moments in spectacular environments

    As some of Water sports involves traveling, you will find yourself visiting far fetched and unexplored places (even if they were right there on your doorstep all along) surrounded by amazing people discovering together.

    Sometimes you won’t realise the value of the moments you are living but the time will come that you look back on them with such fond thoughts of the some of the best times of your life.

10. Any Water Sport will push you to do more and to get involved in more board sports

    Any Water sport you try will encourage you to try more board sports and will build yourself confidence.

    Girls now get so much support from the industries and this particular industry is a sport which has not stopped growing, pushing the level of women's riding always further. Many brands are working on specific female orientated products and you will always find the product that is right for you.

    In the end you will find yourself trying new sports you never thought about trying before... wakeboarding, wakesurfing, surfing, snowboarding, etc... And then this is just the beginning of a new fabulous and exciting life of passions.