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December 12, 2019

If you are here reading this article it might be because you need to get some inspiration for Christmas as the person of your heart is a water addict. 

In that case you can relax because we prepared a selection of some of the favourite items of our Ambassadors. Get the best advices from our GlideSoul Girls to make sure you will find the best present for the people you love.

1. Nina, GlideSoul Surf Ambassador

"This is one of my favourite GlideSoul wetsuit! I am just totally in love with the colours and the fit. The back zip doesn't damage my hair and doesn't let the water in. The material is really comfi!"

"In love with this timeless wetsuit. It fits perfectly and resisted already some really tough surf sessions!!"

2. Maureen, GlideSoul Kitesurf Ambassador and professional kiteboarder

"I really love all GlideSoul products, especially the spring suits because I prefer to travel to warm destinations. However and if I had to make a choice I would choose the flashback 74. The design is really nice, it’s sleeveless but the shoulder are protect from the sun.  

I do love also the Black Pearl because it matches perfectly with my kitesurfing board. 

The Essentiel halter is perfect for watersports but can be also good just to chill on the beach and have a swim in the ocean.

For the girls who prefer wear shorty, this suit is as well very confortable and a little bit more thicker which is perfect for a sunset session or when you go for a long lasting session, it will keep you warm!"

3. Sofi, GlideSoul Opinion Leader and Watersports Addict

As a leader of communities dedicated to watersports i tested a lot of watersport specific products and i have to say that i'm really impressed by the quality of the materials that GlideSoul uses for their products.

I surf, i kitesurf, i wakeboard and i use many of their wetsuits, bikinis and impact vests and i love them. There is always someone who comes to me asking where di you get this cute wetsuit?!

My favourite item is the Essential Halter Neck Front Zip One Piece Swimsuit... it gives you a bit of a James Bond girl look and it stays on when you crash hard! You can still be sexy without loosing your dignity ;)