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October 25, 2019

Surfing on your bucket list?
We've been catching up with our GlideSoul Girls around the world and asking them for some insight into their world, and their top tips and tricks for women who want to get started in the sport.

This week, our GlideSoul blog features Pris from WeLikeBali.com, a passionate surfer who is keen to share her stories and tips for getting started.
Ready to change your World...? Read Pris's Q&As below:

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself:

A: We are Eve & Pris, two islandlife creatives, mixed Dutch and Indonesian – spending our days sunkissed, doing what we love: running our travel &  islandlife style blog Welikebali.com and Welikebali Shop!

Welikebali started in 2009 when we quit our jobs and packed our bags and stepped on a plane for ‘1 year’ in the tropics, which… obviously turned out quite different :) After 8 years traveling to Bali, loads of island explorations, Blog and Instagram posts later, we decided to curate and collect all our favorite Island spots and tips in ONE book: The Welike Bali Islandlife Guide was born in 2016. Not long after we create the Canggu guide as well and we are currently working on The Bukit Guide & an Island Guide with all the islands around Bali.

Q. What are your favourite GlideSoul Products for surfing?
1. Spring suit with the long sleeves - Very comfortable and protects you to the cold, sun and reef!

2. One piece swimwear - Beautiful fit & comfy + good for bigger waves


Q. What are your recommendations for women who have never tried surfing before? 

1. Prepare yourself, you’re not gonna learn it in 1 or 2 days. You need to be dedicated and motivate yourself. Its quite hard in the beginning but once you got it, you’ll love it. Keep trying!

2. Wear the most comfortable bikini / wetsuit every. You dont want to pull up your bottoms all the time or loose your bikin top (happened to us once HA!)

3. Get a good teacher for the first 3 times, a big soft board & small waves. But most of all, have the best time, have a big laugh and keep trying!

Q. What are the two best spots/schools you suggest for learning to surf?

The best spot in Bali for us to start surfing is 1. Seminyak Beach and 2. Batubolong. The waves are gentle and forgiven, great for beginners. Both have sand bottoms and its just a lot of fun to surf the beaches. 

Thank you, Pris!!!