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November 03, 2019

When you think of a classic surfer, you think of the classic blonde type shouting ‘hang loose’ to their friend, right? We’re guilty of it too. We’ve got the top ten surf-ready words to help you get beach lingo ready.

Dude:Starting with a classic. Dude = friend. Not to be confused with ‘bro.’

Duck diving:Odds are if you’ve seen photos of surfers you’ve seen a duck dive. It’s exactly what it says on the tin. The surfer will paddle up, diving under the smaller or already broken waves in an effort not to be pulled back to the shore.

Cutting off:The water equivalent of driving and someone cuts you off in traffic. A surfing etiquette faux pas.

Bailing:Jumping (or falling!) off your board to avoid a bad wave. Usually followed by a lot of laughter from your friends. 

Clean wave:A wave that is smooth and easy to swim.

Closeout:When the wave breaks suddenly and all at once. More than likely followed by bailing.

Turtle Roll:A move used to get the board to go through a breaking wave. By hanging on to the sides of the board and turning over so you’re fully submerged under water. If you can see a board with fins and a pair of feet poking out the water, they just did a turtle roll.

Stoked:If you’re hearing a surfer say this it means the waves must be good. Stoked means happy, sick, rad or the lesser used: akaw! 

Barrell:The hollow tube inside a curling wave. A surfer's dream.

Hang ten:The act of riding with both feet at the nose of the board.

Now you know the basics, get in there and hang loose, dude!