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February 19, 2020

GS: Hey Whitney, it is such an honor to have you here and we would really appreciate if you could take a few minutes of your time to answer our questions.
Please Whitney, if you could describe yourself with 3 words, what would they be?
WMR: Positivity, Commitment, Love

GS: 8 times World Champion Waterskier... how do you feel about competition after so many years competing and what are you goals for 2020?
WMR: I still love competing. I still love working hard to accomplish my goals. And I still love standing on the dock with the twinge of nerves when someone ahead of me does something great! I still have more to do before my water skiing career is over & I look forward to competing again in 2021. In 2020 my skiing will be on hold because I am expecting my first baby in August. :)

GS: Hey Whitney, could you tell us what is a perfect day for you?
WMR: The perfect day for me is waking up with the sunrise peeking in my bedroom window. Then sitting with my hubby in our kitchen looking out at the lake, eating breakfast, bringing my dogs to the lake, skiing & hanging out for 3-4 hours. In a perfect world, my niece (Julia, age 3) and nephew (Jaxson, 5) would be in town & I would play with them for 2-3 hours. Finishing the day on the golf course as the sun is going down has become one of my favorite places to be with my husband. To finish the perfect day, I would go out for dinner with my parents & my husband. That day would be full of love & my favorite activities.

GS: Could you share with us what is a routine day for you and how do you manage to find the time between being a professional water skier and your private life?
WMR: On a normal day, I wake up around 6:30 AM, let the dogs out & feed them & pack my lunch for the day (usually a salad, fruit, a lara bar & mixed nuts). Then I eat breakfast (my favorite is a vegan protein smoothie bowl topped with strawberries, kiwi, granola & chocolate chips) & do a morning devotional. We leave for the lake before 8:00 AM most days. I do a Yoga/Pilates warm up & ski & then we head home before 2:00 PM so we have the afternoon to go to the gym (and my hubby golfs at least 2-3 days a week). I try to have dinner ready by 6:00 PM (lots of meat for my husband & lots of veggies & potatoes, rice or quinoa for me!) In the evenings we love hanging out on the couch watching Netflix (or the golf channel) in the evenings. We are almost always in bed before 9:00 PM.
Thankfully, time at the lake is time with my family. But, when we are at the lake we are very focused on our own jobs (my husband, Matt in the boat coaching & my step-daughter, Paige and me training). Our family also loves to play golf together, so we often end up on the golf course or at TopGolf. Other times we enjoy having dinner parties at our house & bonfires with friends. Matt and I also prioritize having one date night alone each week. It’s very important for our personal & professional life to keep our marriage healthy.

GS: We see that you are really into yoga as well can you tell us what is your workout routine beside water skiing.
WMR: I do love doing yoga & Pilates as part of my warm up for waterskiing. I don’t have a strict off water training regimen. I try to always listen to my body & do what feels good. I love lifting weights in the gym & doing any fitness related classes. I thrive when I have a community of ladies around me working toward a common goal.

GS: If you have a day when you don't do sport, what would you do instead?
WMR: On my days off from the lake, I like to fill my days searching for or showing real estate to clients, hanging out with my dogs in our backyard, and my husband LOVES taking me golfing in the afternoons!

GS: What is the first thing you do in the morning?
WMR: My doggies wake me up every morning. So I pet my bulldog’s head over the side of my bed while my chihuahua growls at her from in the bed. Baby (the chihuahua) was an only dog until I got married, so she is still very territorial over her momma!

GS: What is the last thing you do before to go to bed?
WMR: My husband goes to sleep super early (because he wakes up at 4:00 AM), so I cuddle him until he falls asleep and then I love reading my Bible on my phone until I am ready to sleep.

GS: As we know there are many disciplines in waterskiing, what is you favourite one and one is the one you would recommend for girls who wants to start getting into the sport.
WMR: Slalom skiing is the most traditional of the 3 events in competitive water skiing. It’s by far the most popular event & it is my personal favorite. The thrill of getting through the slalom course for the first time is exhilarating! My favorite coaching memories are of helping ladies learn how to run the slalom course!

GS: As a water skier of course you need to protect yourself with impact vest and we are really proud to see our GlideSoul vest on you... but if you could choose one other GlideSoul product that you use often, which one would it be?
WMR: My absolute favorite piece in the GlideSoul collection is the 1mm long sleeve bikini cut spring suit! I love that I can layer leggings over it in the winter and early spring to make it a thin full suit. And when I travel in the summer to cooler climates, my spring suit adds a layer of warmth & protection and is thin enough that I barely feel it while I’m competing.

GS: What kind of advice would you like to give to the girl who would like to start waterski?
WMR: Come ski with me! In all honesty, you don’t need to learn with me, but having a coach lead you through the basics with the right equipment will make it so much more enjoyable. When ladies ski with me, behind my pink Nautique, with the right skis & gear, they are able to fall in love with waterskiing & it becomes a lifelong habit & happy place!

GS: Where can we find you at the moment and where will you be in the next 6 month?
WMR: I am currently spending lots of time at the lake still, skiing a little bit. I am focusing on building my real estate career. I have been creating videos for my YouTube channel lately. I look forward to sharing lots of fun content & coaching more in 2020. In 6 months, I will be stepping into a new role as Mom & looking forward to getting back to training this fall.

Whitney we would like to thank you for your time, you are such an inspiration for us here at GlideSoul and for so many girls out there. We wish you all the best for 2020 and will keep on following adventures on Instagram.