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February 26, 2020

Introducing Michelle Salt, who is the biggest inspiration for us here at GlideSoul and for so many girls out there.
Aside of being a two time winning Paralympian and wake surfer, Michelle Salt is also a fantastic story teller. GlideSoul spoke to her recently about her life.

GS: Tell us a bit about yourself.

MS: I’m a farm kid that grew up loving sports. Since I was 13, I have always felt my most confident on a snowboard. This lead to me want to putting all my focus on getting back on my board after my near fatal motorcycle accident in 2011. Thanks to my passion for the sport, I’ve been able to compete in 2 Paralympic Games and have been on the 14 World Cup podiums. After retiring last year, I knew I needed to put my time into something new and that’s when I found wakesurfing

GS: What’s your favourite thing about wakesurfing?

MS: I love that it’s always a fun time and easy on the body opposed to wakeboarding

GS: What is your advice for women who have never tried it before?

MS: Be patient. This being my second year, I’ve learned that the ear to ear grins come from the simple things like getting up for the first time, dropping the roof, finding yourRhythm. It’s the small victories that make it such a fun sport!

GS: Where is your favourite place to wakesurf?

MS: Though I would usually say anywhere with warm water, I will say that Lake Kalamalka in the Okanagan is beautiful. The water is light blue and it’s usually always warm in the summer months.

GS: What inspired you to become a paralympian following your accident?

MS: Knowing my recovery was going to be lengthy (5 months in the hospital), I made it my mission to set a big goal. Because of all my broken bones and the weight that I lost, rehab was intense but having my eye on the prize meant having a reason to get up every morning and try

Michelle, we would like to thank you for your time , you are such an inspiration for us here at GlideSoul and for so many girls out there. We wish you all the best for 2020!!!