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January 12, 2020

As 2020 just started and you feel the need to start something new, why don't you consider starting wake surfing?

What is wake surfing

Wake surfing is a derivative of surfing using a specific boat. The boat creates a huge wake big enough to be surfed in at low speeds. Created by surfers in the 90’s wakesurfing has now its own sport dedicated industry designing specific boats and hardware. 

rider: Alexandra Tunenko

How to start wake surfing

The best way is to book a lesson in a wakeboard school where they will give you all the tips and help you to build up your skills quickly. It is quite an easy access sport compared to surfing and the stoke is amazing. 

Where to go to start wake surfing

Wherever there’s a body of water with wake-based activities.

In Europe, there’s a lot of wakesurfing around France, Switzerland and Italy.

Annecy's lake in the French Alps is one of the most popular area to go to. They have amazing boats and they organise European championships.

Main tricks and tips

The wakesurf tricks are a mix in between classic surf manoeuvers (bottom-top turn, sprays, snaps, aerials) and inspirations coming from skateboarding and skimboarding (shov-its, 360’s and many others).

They are conducted in two different ways : landing it into the wake or in transfers (going from the left wave to the right one for example) 

There’s two things to remember for a fast progression as a beginner : always look forward to the side of the boat and stay low keeping your bodyweight on the front foot. Oh yes as well, don’t get too excited and throw the rope too early ;) keep it in your hands until you can ride without it for at least a minute. 

How to choose the board

As a beginner you want a board with quite a good volume which is going to be in between 5’0 and 5’6. A twin fin setup is easier to manoeuver, put the other fins later when you feel more comfortable. 

Which gear would you need

You need a wetsuit, a board and an impact vest.

Let's now talk to one of our GlideSoul Ambassador, the fantastic

Alexandra Tunenko who will gives us some advices and tips.


GS: Hey Alexandra, thank you some much for taking the time to reply to our questions. We really want to push the girls to get to start wakesurfing.

Please can you tell us how did you start doing wake surfing?

AT: One sunny summer day my girls just took me wakesurfing though I wanted to try wakeboarding. So I decided to stay on this side and one day found myself registering for the first competition.

GS: Where do you go to ride and how often do you ride?

AT: In the summer I ride at my Moscow home spot @wakedivision_serbor 5 days a week to keep being progressive. I don’t care if it rains or freezing, I just go. In the winter time I organize wake camps @waketodream.camp in Asia so I have 1-2 weeks of wakesurfing mostly every cold month :) I ride early in the morning around 45 minutes before teaching people and this is the best start of the day. 


GS: How do you combine your Wakesurf practice and every day life?

AT: Wakesurfing is my life, I don’t combine it, I live it: training myself, coaching people, organizing small weekend camps and taking part in competitions is the summer time life. It feels like a race and I really miss my winter: I leave to Asia and run five wake camps in Thailand and Malaysia for 10-14 days. I make small breaks for surfing, snowboarding and kiteboarding. Sometimes I am back home to enjoy snow and mountains. By the end of the last camp I am already missing my summer, and I am ready to dive into all these. So that’s how I live🙂

GS: What are your favourite tricks and some tips to improve the skills?

AT: I like aerial moves, they feel great and look impressive😉 If I need to choose I pick a lip slide as it is really helpful for many other maneuvers and an ollie oop, I find it very beautiful and it feels amazing when you land it.
My tip is smiling, your body relaxes and you feel good. This is what can help you in the moment. If you plan to go big in wakesurfing start skateboarding - this is the fundamental base for the whole body balance. But don’t forget to take a coach and wear some protection. 

What is your selection of GlideSoul products for wake surfing?

AT: I am absolutely in love with the black pearl one piece swimsuits, my favorites are the front zip and another one is asymmetric neck. I am looking forward for the new collection and already know what I gonna have😋 I love that this vest is reversible!

For early and late season weather I need a warm suit! My Fav is the 3/2MM back zip wetsuit, I then combine it with my reversible comp vest!

Photo credit: fesenko.photo