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November 05, 2019

How to choose your wetsuit?

Choosing the right wetsuit can be a bit tricky sometimes...

front zip, back zip, long sleeve, short sleeve, 3/2 or 4/3, one piece, two pieces?

  • Check the weather and the conditions you will often go for

If you live most of the time in a cold country where the temperatures never really go higher than 20 degrees in the water... you must think... should I go for 4/3 or 3/2... well considering that we always try to go for long session and it might not be always sunny everyday, we suggest you go for the thicker option...

If you are more the kind of person who travels a lot to hot places and you are more into travelling light, we definitely recommend choosing a little spring suit that doesn't have to be thicker than 1mm but will protect you from rash, sunburn and will keep you warm enough to stay until the sun goes down.

  • Front Zip or Back Zip?

This one is a hard one... well it is totally up to you and it is more a question of taste.

Many girls like the front zip as the hair doesn't get damaged with the velcro on the back and think it is sometimes more comfortable when you wear a harness. But for some others the back zip gives you more freedom to move around and a lot of ladies like it more as it is more beautiful to have nothing in front.

So we will leave that one up to you as it is more personal than something purely technical.

  • Shorty or cut shorty?

Do you like it cheeky or do you feel more comfortable being a bit more covered?

The shorty is always a good option. If you fall really hard in the water after a bad crash, you can still keep your dignity... it is a more dangerous game with the cut shorty as it might reveal a bit of your skin if you don't put it straight back after a crash.

Choose the one you feel more comfortable with and also if you care about having sun mark on your legs... in that case, go straight for the cut shorty!

  • One piece or two pieces?

If you are riding windsurf or kitesurfing, we definitely suggest the one piece as it is way more comfortable with a harness. If you are surfing or wake boarding, it is totally up to you and depends on the style you like the most.

It is actually really cute to have a little shorty with a cool impact vest then...

  • Colorful or black?

If you want to make it classy and smart, you can always choose the black option as it give you some James Bond Girl attitude... but if you want to shine on the beach and make sure that all eyes are on you, choose the bright option... color your life and be confident.

Nothing is more beautiful than a bright spring suit on a tan skin...

  • Leggings or not?

It is actually quite new in the neoprene world to wear leggings but it is actually a very comfortable option as you won't get any scratches and you will take care of your beautiful legs while still being stunning in the water.

Also a really good option if you practice SUP yoga as you don't have to show too much of your anatomy in that case.

  • Jacket or shorty?

The jacket is also a really good option as it allows you to wear it with denim shorts to get a really cool style. It also keeps your chest warm, which is perfect for an end-of-the day session when the sun goes down. You can even make it sexy with a front zip ;)