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November 20, 2019

1. Get ready with ideas

You should already know what your close friends and family truly like before Black Friday starts and have a clear idea about what kind of gifts for what kind of people.

2. Stick to a budget

No bad surprise at the end of the year with your budget. If you know exactly what to spend and how many presents you need to buy, then you will feel good to start the new year.

3. set your mind for shopping

You know this is the day when you get things done and you get your Christmas gift for the people you love... then set the mood, it's meant to be a fun process!

4. make a list

To be efficient with your online shopping you need to be well organized and it means making sure you don't forget anyone. Make a list and tick the box!

5. keep a little thing for you

As you will have set up a budget before, you will be able to keep a little tiny thing for you and make yourself a little Christmas present in advance... well deserved!